Premiere South

January 26, 2019
Colleton County High School - Walterboro, SC
150 Cougar Nation Dr., Walterboro, SC 29488

Event Description

The Carolina Winter Ensemble Association exists to create a positive and rewarding performance experience for our youth and to develop a nurturing environment that will enhance the skills of the performers and instructors at all levels. Join us as we kick off the 2019 Season at Colleton County High School in Walterboro, SC for the 2019 CWEA Premiere South Color Guard, Percussion & Winds Competition!

Ticket Information

Ticket Pricing

Adults (ages 13 and up) - $10.00
Youth (ages 6-12) - $8.00
Children (ages 5 and under) - Free

Payment Methods

This event accepts cash and major credit/debit cards. No checks accepted.

Ticketing Policy

Tickets purchased for this event are considered general admission. Seating is not guaranteed, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. All sales are final. No requests for refunds will be accepted. It is the patron's responsibility to ensure they are seated at least 15 minutes prior to a scheduled performance. Tickets purchased for this event are considered a revokable license to attend the stated event. CWEA reserves the right to revoke admission with or without refund of admission.

Other Information

Contest Personnel

Event Administration

Contest Administrator: Stacey Terlizzi
Timing & Penalties: Clayton Parker

Color Guard Judges

Equipment: Sam Gervaise
Movement: Christine Clayton
Design: Jack Pursifull
Effect 1: Warren Rickart
Effect 2: Chris Frick
Design Clinician: Trent Williams
Other: Tim Landess (Lead Judge)

Percussion Judges

Music: Dave Carbone (Lead Judge)
Visual: Jack Pursifull
Visual Effect: Chris Frick

Winds Judges

Music: TBA
Visual: Jack Pursifull
Effect: Chris Frick

Event Policies

Flash Photography

As safety is paramount to all performers, any type of flash photography is strictly prohibited. Family, friends and fans may take still photos of CWEA events for personal use only. The images may not be sold or otherwise distributed or publicly displayed without the written permission of the Carolina Winter Ensemble Association. CWEA defines public display as a web site, printed publication or physical location where the public at large can gain access to one or more images of a CWEA participating group in performance.

Video Recording

Due to US Copyright Law, and at the request of the performing ensembles, videotaping and/or recording of this event is strictly prohibited. You may be subject to dismissal from the arena without refund of admission if found to be in violation of this rule. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Participating Groups
Winds Scholastic A (WSA)
Hartsville HS Winds
11:00 AM
Berkeley HS Winds
11:09 AM
Percussion Scholastic Concert Novice (PSCN)
Colleton County MS Perc
11:18 AM
Percussion Scholastic Novice (PSN)
West Ashley HS Perc
11:40 AM
Edisto HS Perc
11:49 AM
Colleton County HS Perc
11:58 AM
Percussion Independent A (PIA)
Charles Towne Percussion
12:07 PM
Scholastic Novice (SN)
Hanahan HS
1:45 PM
Great Falls JV
1:52 PM
Ridgeland-Hardeville HS
1:59 PM
West Ashley HS
2:06 PM
Berkeley JV
2:13 PM
Philip Simmons HS
2:20 PM
Cadet (CADET)
Chapin Cadets
2:35 PM
Berkeley Cadets
2:42 PM
Colleton County Cadets
2:49 PM
Scholastic Regional A (SRA)
Great Falls HS Varsity
3:05 PM
Brookland Cayce HS
3:12 PM
Socastee HS
3:19 PM
Wando High School JV
3:26 PM
Irmo HS JV
3:33 PM
Swansea HS
3:40 PM
Berkeley HS
3:47 PM
White Knoll HS JV
3:54 PM
River Bluff Spin Club
4:01 PM
Scholastic AAA (SAAA)
Edisto HS
4:15 PM
Chapin HS Varsity
4:23 PM
Hartsville HS
4:31 PM
Summerville HS JV
4:39 PM
River Bluff HS JV
4:47 PM
South Effingham HS
4:55 PM
Irmo HS Varsity
5:03 PM
Scholastic AA (SAA)
Wando HS
5:20 PM
Colleton County HS
5:28 PM
Scholastic A (SA)
Ashley Ridge HS
5:36 PM
White Knoll HS Varsity
5:44 PM
Independent A (IA)
5:52 PM
Metanoia Winter Guard
6:00 PM
Scholastic Open (SO)
Summerville HS
6:15 PM
Independent Open (IO)
Charles Towne Independent
6:24 PM