2021 CWEA Goes Virtual
Published January 19 2021

The time is here! We are excited to kick off the 2021 Season with registration for Virtual Competition! CWEA will host 5 Virtual Events this year, culminating in the first ever Virtual Circuit Championships! In addition to the lineup, CWEA will also host its first EVER Solo & Ensemble event!


The goals for the virtual season are as follows:

  • Provide a virtual performance opportunity for participants in March - May
  • Provide both competitive and non-competitive performance opportunities for students that allows us to continue promoting the performing arts
  • eShowcase offering which will expand on the creative opportunities for performers in this unusual environment
  • Allows opportunities that are easily adapted to COVID-19 limitations
  • Focuses our efforts on a platform that we can maximize and ensure successful completion in a year full of uncertainty

Divisions of Competition

The 2021 Virtual Events are open to ALL divisions, including Color Guard, Percussion & Winds! All divisions will accept both scholastic and independent entries!

Classifications of Competition

All competitive classifications will be judged in accordance with the modified scoring systems for virtual events. For Color Guard, we will use a a 3-judge panel with the following captions: Individual Analysis, Design Analysis and General Effect. For Percussion groups, we will revert to the 3-Judge panel previously used by WGI with captions for Music, Visual & Effect. For Winds, we will use the newly released Virtual Scoring System including two captions for Analysis (Music & Visual) and Overall Effect. Additional information on scoring will be posted in the coming weeks.

Color Guard: For scholastic groups: Cadet (MS), Scholastic Regional A, Scholastic A, National A, Open & World. For Independent Groups: Independent A, Open & World.

Percussion: (Scholastic & Independent) Novice, Scholastic A, Open & World

Winds: (Scholastic & Independent) Scholastic A, Open & World

Non-competitive Classifications

In addition to our competitive format, we are thrilled to add two new options for groups to compete this year:

Non-Competitive: This classification is for those groups wishing to put together a traditional winter guard, percussion or winds show but do not wish to be included in the competitive segment. All groups will still receive comments from the full adjudication panel as normal, but will not receive scores.

eShowcase: Perhaps the most exciting new offering is our eSHOWCASE opportunity! Participating groups in this class are not bound by the traditional rules and regulations of a normal winter guard, percussion or winds program. This is where groups can let their creativity run wild! Groups will receive commentary from two accomplished adjudicators who will offer feedback and commentary on your performance.

Participation Fees

  • $50.00 Circuit Participation Fee (Required of all groups)
  • $100.00 Event Performance Fee ($50 for eShowcase)
  • $150.00 Championships Performance Fee ($75 for eShowcase)

How to Register

Registration is now open for all divisions! To get started, click here!

Performance Requirements

Performance requirements are listed in the 2021 Season Handbook available here. In this document, you will find timing requirements such as minimum and maximum time.

Groups wishing to compete in the Circuit Championships event are required to meet these minimum expectations:

  • Perform in at least one regular season event (one of four virtual events)
  • Must meet minimum performance time requirements for their class (even though they are not penalized)

Virtual Event Format

Groups will upload performance videos for their events beginning on March 1, 2021 via CompetitionSuite. Video submissions will close the Wednesday prior to the event. Once video submissions close, the judges will begin their evaluations and commentary will be sent to the groups. The weekend of the event, we will host a virtual awards ceremony announcing the placements from each classification.

For virtual events, groups will receive digital awards formatted for print or sharing on social media.

For Circuit Championships, groups placing in the top three of each classification will have the ability to receive medallions for their participants. (Purchase required). Additional information about these awards will be offered at a later time.

Solo & Ensemble Event

We are also excited to add a new Solo & Ensemble event to our lineup for the coming season! Planning is still underway for this exciting new event. Additional information will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Ready to get started? Click here! For questions, contact [email protected].