Scholastic Letters of Intent Now Online
Published September 13 2019

Letters of Intent are now available to submit online at (under the resources tab). Letters of Intent show that your school intends to field a competitive unit in the 2020 season.

Our revised Student Participation in Independent Group policy requires a letter of intent to protect scholastic group directors. Unless a K12 student meets one of the following exemptions, he/she is unable to compete at CWEA events with an independent group:

A) Student has not previously participated with the scholastic group or has not participated within the last 12 months.

B) School group has failed to file a letter of intent with CWEA.

C) Student has previously participated with an independent group and school has decided to field a winter group.

Due to the late posting of this form, we have extended the submission deadline to NEXT FRIDAY, September 20. For questions about the registration process, please email [email protected] . For questions about Student Participation in Independent Groups or any of our circuit policies, please email [email protected] .