Advisory Council Nominations
Published June 5 2018

At the 2018 Spring Meeting, a proposal was passed to restructure the Advisory Council. The council is to be split into two separate bodies - one for Color Guard and one for Percussion/Winds. Instead of the council members being the class champions from the previous season, the seats would be filled by group representatives nominated and elected to the positions. This was an effort to allow each division to be fully represented, as well as allow each advisory council to discuss successes and challenges specific to their division.

Who is eligible to make nominations?

Everyone! A nomination may be submitted by any member group currently competing in CWEA. Additionally, you may also nominate yourself!

Nominations will be accepted between June 5-10, 2018 and will be accepted by the online form posted at the bottom of this page.

Who is eligible to be nominated?

Anyone is eligible to be nominated to the Advisory Council. However, they must be a representative of an actively participating group within the class they are nominated to represent. (example: John Smith of ABC High School (a Regional A color guard) can be nominated for an SRA seat, but cannot be nominated for an SAA seat unless ABC High School also has an SAA group).

There are a couple restrictions:

  • The two representatives for a class may not be from the same group.
  • No one person may represent multiple classes on the advisory council.
  • Color Guard Only: No group may have more than one representative on the Color Guard Advisory Council. (example: If a representative is already accepting a seat on behalf of ABC High School Varsity in Scholastic A, then a representative from ABC High School JV cannot accept another seat on behalf of that group from the same school.)

All group directors that championed their class the previous season are automatically nominated for their seat and their name will be listed on the ballot, unless they choose to withdraw their name from consideration. All other nominees will also be included on the ballot.

How will the elections be decided?

Elections will be held between June 11-14, 2018. Each group within the class will be allowed to cast two votes online via CompetitionSuite. Instructions on how to cast your group’s votes will be provided once the elections are open. The winners of these seats will be announced on June 15.

What does the Advisory Council do and when do they meet?

The Advisory Councils will be invited to attend the CWEA Summer Board Retreat in Columbia, South Carolina on July 14, 2018. Each council will meet separately to discuss successes and challenges that are important to their group and the other groups within their classification and division.

Each Advisory Council will also elect a Chair to serve as the council’s spokesperson. This Chair will sit on the Board of Directors as a non-voting member and will be responsible for reporting back to the Board on what their individual council talked about. They will serve the membership as the representative of their divisions.

What happens if no nominations are received for a class?

If no one is nominated to serve on an Advisory Council for a particular class, or if all the nominees for that class are serving in other classes, the seats will remain vacant until the next Spring meeting.


Submit a Nomination

Thank you for your interest in submitting an Advisory Council Nomination. The nomination period has passed and no additional nominations are being accepted.