2019 Spring Meeting Election and Proposal Results
Published June 3 2019

Members of CWEA met this past Saturday to recap the year and consider numerous proposals submitted from groups throughout the organization. Additionally, there were three seats on the Board of Directors open for election. Thirty-seven different groups were represented at the meeting by their group director or staff members. Each member-group of CWEA is entitled to one vote. No one person may vote for multiple groups.

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all who participated in the proposals process this year,” said CWEA President Cody Crawford. “It’s important that was continue to review our policies and procedures to make sure that we are setting up the groups in our organization for success.”

Elections were held to fill three open seats on the Board of Directors. Cody Crawford (President), Torey Riser (Secretary-Admin), and Brian Winn (Member-at-large) were all re-elected to serve two-year terms.

Each proposal related to the circuit By-Laws must be ratified by at least 2/3 of the voting membership present at the time of the vote. All other proposals may be passed by a simple majority of the voting membership present at the time of the vote. All proposals un-related to the circuit by-laws and constitution that are passed will be sent to the Board of Directors for consideration to become policy.

The Board of Directors will meet In mid-July to consider policy proposals for the upcoming year. Additionally, the newly elected Advisory Councils will meet to elect a chairman and being their discussions on issues related to their specific divisions.