CWEA Introduces New Code of Conduct Policy for Participating Groups, Staff and Volunteers
Published November 7 2018

The Carolina Winter Ensemble Association is committed to providing a safe, positive learning and competitive environment for all we engage with. As part of this commitment, the Board of Directors recently reviewed and updated the organization’s policies governing conduct at CWEA-sanctioned events.

Participant protection in the marching arts has been a source of great discourse in recent news. As a result, it has heightened the awareness of organizations similar to CWEA to ensure that we are promoting a culture built upon respect of others.

The new Code of Conduct for Participating Groups clearly defines expectations of conduct and establishes a clear mandate for reporting behavior inconsistent with the values of our organization. The policy covers group participants, staff and volunteers. In addition to the policy for participating groups, we have also made revisions to the Code of Conduct for CWEA Personnel to help strengthen the standards our representatives are held to.

“We at CWEA hope these new policies will send a clear message to all that our organization will continue to be a safe environment for all, and that we are committed to promoting excellence and respect of others,” said Cody Crawford, President/CEO of the Carolina Winter Ensemble Association.

We are also announcing a new Participant Protection Reporting Policy, which sets a clear process for reporting alleged violations of the organization’s Code of Conduct and includes an online Incident Report Form that will help individuals connect with the appropriate party to ensure concerns are brought forth and addressed.

For questions concerning these new policies, please contact [email protected].