First Performance Order Draw Results
Published November 4 2018

At the SCBDA 5A State Marching Band Championships today, Chaz Paxton (Director of Events) and Cody Crawford (President/CEO) of CWEA met to conduct the first draw for performance order. All groups who are registered and paid as of the October 31 deadline were included in the draw.

The draw for performance order determines the order in which groups will perform each weekend of the season, with the exception of Circuit Championships. Groups who completed their membership registration and paid their membership fees before October 31 were included in the first draw.

The draw, which is conducted separately for each of the three divisions of CWEA, follows the following process:

  1. All groups who are registered and paid as of October 31 are listed alphabetically.
  2. The names of all groups are blacked out.
  3. A random number generator ( is used to generate a random list of numbers which is then copied and pasted into the draw document.
  4. The process repeats for each performance weekend of the season for the season, excluding Circuit Championships.
  5. The process is then repeated for all the different divisions of CWEA.

When schedules are created, the groups that have lower draw numbers will perform later in the class, and groups with higher numbers will perform earlier in the class. In all cases, those groups who are in the first draw will perform at the latest performance times in the class. Groups in the second draw will perform in the middle performance times in the class, before those groups who are in the first draw. Groups who are in the third draw will perform in the earliest performance times, always before those groups in the first and second draws. Groups who pay after the December 31st deadline are placed at the beginning of the class in reverse order of postmark. Non-member groups perform in the earliest performance slots before all member groups.

he second draw deadline is November 18 and the third draw deadline is December 31. If you have any questions concerning the draw for performance order, please contact [email protected].